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Trend Alert: Stripes

I find trends as a very exciting thing. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a new trend shows up (well, not really new, more like a reappearing), that can come as a print, color, a certain figure or anything else, and suddenly it’s just everywhere.

I do not think you should adopt any trend that showing up out suddenly, but I try to write to you about the latest trends and give it here for you to choose.

Michelle Phillips

Stripes are something that has never really come out of fashion. Even two years ago and even ten years ago, we could find a striped T-shirt or a blazer with delicate stripes. But with no doubt, in the recent months this trend has begun to gather momentum and is going to continue with us at least until the fall.

What I especially like about this trend is that it can fit into more than one style:
If you are a girl who needs to get dressed to the office – Striped Blazer is your answer
If you like lighter and springy items of clothing, a colorful striped vest will do the trick
And if you’re a jeans and sneakers type of girl – no problem! A black and white striped t-shirt, sloppyly stuck into the jeans.

That’s exactly what I like about this trend – anyone can wear it, from the elegant type to the sporty type.



The trend peak was in the 60s and 70s and you can really find a lot of examples of fashion icons that knew how to style this trend, and if you ask me, you can totally copy some of them gorgeous outfits in 2018 – and it will still look perfect.

I collected for you here many striped items – shirts, trousers, dresses and more – all at affordable prices.

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