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My favorite pajamas for this summer

Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to throw away your worn out college T-shirt, I know this is usually your favorite choice when you go to bed. I also have several T-shirts from my military service in my closet, with various captions and prints, which usually it’s the easiest and most comfortable to choose one of them, along with some panties and there you have it- my summer pajamas.

But there’s something with pajamas that makes this moment of getting into bed more fun. Especially after a long day, after a good shower, there is nothing more pampering than wearing nice pajamas that is not just something that we improvised from our closet.

Once in a while I like to check Asos nightwear category, because they usually bring special pajamas and the prices are really affordable . You can find pajamas with different prints and sometimes they cooperate with different Brands, such as Barbie, for example, which I find very charming.

I picked up some of my favorite pajamas to make your summer nights Sweeter.


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