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Trend Alert: Mules

Yes, they are back. The Mules were really a thing back in the 1950s and returned again towards the end of the 1990s. They completely starred in “Sex and the City” by the one-and-only, Carrie Bradshaw. So you know when there are certain trends or certain clothing items that were the hottest trend, some years or decades back, disappeared, and suddenly they returned to fashion? So that’s how it is with the Mules.

When they were out of fashion, no one wore them, and even if we’d seen them in a shop window, no one would have thought of buying it. And suddenly, when they are everywhere, it just seems much more logical. You can combine them with so many outfits and they can really upgrade any performance. I will write a post about it later.

The Mules have no back strap, just like flip-flops, only with an upgrade. Usually they will be closed from the front, no open toe. They can be flat, for more of a everyday look and can come with a small or large heel, when you want to upgrade your performance and adapt it to that evening vibe.

Carrie Bradshaw season 1
Carrie Bradshaw season 2















So why should we adopt this trend? here are 4 reasons:

1. They tone down a really busy outfit: You know when you are wearing a dress with fringes/sequins, ripped tight jeans, or bold colortrousers, and just can not find the right shoe to fit in with all this mess and will not make your outfit look Like a costume? So Mules is the solution. Because they are comparatively “minimalist”, they can tone down any outfit and suddenly your frenfzy dress does not look too loud.

2. Allow yourself to go wild with them: All the beauty in Mules is that because their shape is quite minimalist, it does not matter whether they are flat or high heels, so you can play with them in terms of color and type of fabric. It’s not the same when it comes to high heels or boots. If you wear jeans, a T-shirt and maybe even a blazer above, you can completely go wild with the Mules – you can choose bright color mules, leather look mules with sequins or even a huge bow.

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3. A consideration of convenience and ease: I do not mean their weight, but their use. There are no Strips, zippers or buttons – just slide your foot in and go out. One of my favorite things about this shoe is the fact that I can take them off in one second if I feel like I want some air in my foot and lock them back in a second if I have to get up and go somewhere.

4. It just stylish: It just does not seem too much of a strain. This is not about high heels or something too grandiose. The shoes are relatively simple, open in the back, shoes that take less than a second to put them on, but nevertheless add so much and turn the whole outfit into a completely different style.

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I picked up my favorite Mules, from all different sorts of onlie stores and for a wide range of prices – you can find here Mules for 12$ and 50$.

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