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Trend Alert: Slingback

Hey you 🙂

Well, I have to admit that I’m pretty biased with this post because it’s just one of my favorite trends lately. I’m talking about the Slingback shoes.

These shoes will usually have a pointed toe, and will always have a strap with an open back.

Why I love this trend so much?

It fits all – it’s not something you can say about any shoe or piece of clothing. Almost every shoe is not suitable for everyone. Each woman has a different leg structure and a different shape for her foot, but what is special about the slingback shoes is that they are really suitable for everyone. It does not matter if your ankle narrow or wide, whether you are short or tall, I noticed that these shoes are suitable for each one, and even flattering to everyone.

It is easy to match the slingback to many styles of outfits – these shoes fit beautifully with many styles of clothing. They will look great with a suit, with a skinny jeans, with straight leg pants, and will fit nicely with a skirt and a dress. They can fit in a day at the office and also when you go out with your friends.

They are comfortable – I’ll tell you a little secret, I really like heels, and I know that for a perfect look sometimes you have to suffer a bit, but there’s a limit – I do not get along with 11 cm heels or with too thin heels, it’s not comfortable, not fun, and I just don’t like it. what I liked about the slingback shoes is that they’re just comfortable for me. I can walk with them for a long walk and not feeling the pain in my feet.

As with any trend, we are also not talking about a new trend, but a trend that has returned to us. This trend starred several times in different decades – the 60s, the 80s and finally returned to us in 2018.

I picked up my favorite slingback shoes. Clicking on the image will lead to the product page.





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