How To Survive This summer?

We’re in the middle of summer and it does not look like it’s going to be easier. August is the hottest month of the year and I know how hard it is to get through the summer safely without waiting impatiently for the autumn months.

I have prepared here a little guide to how to survive the summer months without suffering, with all kinds of tips that really help me every summer.

1. Do not get dehydrated

When most of the day you are in the air conditioner, you do not feel the heat and can easily get dehydrated. Do yourself a favor, avoid headaches, weakness and dizziness and just drink water. Experts say we need to drink between 8 and 10 glasses of water every day. Now, I know that not everyone likes to drink water – some feel it is casual, some do not like it. How do you solve this? Always remember to take a bottle of water that will be with you, whether you are traveling, studying or working. I discovered that when I use more beautiful bottles, I also feel more like drinking water. Here are examples of water bottles that will definitely encourage you to drink more water:

2. Sunscreen

I can not explain enough about how important this is. Even when you think you’re not burning in the sun – you’re still absorbing the radiation. Sunscreen is a must for summer. It’s not just for the beach – I will not even talk about it here, because it’s just a duty to put sunscreen when you go to the beach. I’m talking about the every day – even if you go to work, to a cafe, or just walking somewhere, always put on sunscreen. You can use face protection cream, or if you usually wear makeup, I definitely recommend a face cream that includes sunscreen or BB cream, which also has sunscreen. As for the body – it is very important to apply to the exposed areas. I found that my feet were sunning and burning really fast, and then the color did not match the rest of my body and it just seemed strange. So yes, apply on your feet if you wear sandals often.

3. Sweat

Although this section is not for everyone, but sometimes a deodorant or a spidstick can not withstand the high humidity and then the most annoying thing happens – sweat circles. Aside from the fact that it’s simply unpleasant to raised your hands and then realize that you have two circles of sweat under your armpit, it also destroys bright shirts, especially white ones, which is very annoying. But I have good news – there is a way to avoid it! I found out about the armpit sweat pads – suitable for men and women, and this is simply a genius invention. It’s like a thin pad that sticks to the armpit area of ​​the shirt, and this one also absorbs the sweat and prevents it from penetrating the fabric and creating sweat circles. The result:
less unpleasant moments and less destroyed shirts. Strongly recommends!

4. Enjoy the summer fruits

Each season has its own fruits and the summer brings with it a lot of tasty fruits that it’s too bad to miss them. Enjoy these fruits and get the most important vitamins in them, the instant refresh after a few hours of work and besides, it’s just delicious. If you are not a big fruit eater, add them to your smoothie:)

5. Give up on the chiffon

So not every country has high humidity, but for me – the chiffon remains deep in my closet during the hot months of summer.  I’m talking about the chiffon fabric. Shirts made of chiffon are not suitable for the summer, especially for the daytime. You will sweat them more easily and the fabric is simply unpleasant on the body when there are 35 degrees/95 95 Fahrenheit outside. So do yourself a favor and choose shirts with nicer fabrics.

6. Don’t forget the style

As in any season with extreme degrees (hard winter, hard summer), sometimes we forget the style on the side. Do not give up to yourselves, because there are so many ways to keep the style even in the summer. When you go for a walk or doing sports, do not forget to put an hat on (a hat does not have to be clumsy or clogged, there are plenty of other options) and of course don’t forget the sunglasses.

I really hope you liked this post and that it helped you somehow.




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