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My Ultimate Summer 2018 Shoe Guide

Apart from the obvious clothing and footwear items for each season (winter = boots, summer = sandals), there is much more beyond. Every season, every year there are certain items of clothing and footwear that are the most trending, the most suitable for the year.

This post is my shoe guide for the summer of 2018 – the shoes that I think must be in everyone’s closet this summer.

1. Slingback shoes

I wrote a whole post on the slingback trend, a shoe that on the one hand is elegant and quite conservative, but without a back – the ankle area is completely open, giving a lighter vibe, summer feeling and definitely a design that suits the hot days of the summer. This summer we see the slingback shoes almost everywhere. Every self-respecting brand has at least one pair of those. For these shoes – there is no rules, choose what you like the most: bright color, certain print, the height of your heel, extra bow, or whatever you want. These shoes are so comfortable and definitely one of my favorite trends, especially this summer. They are suitable for most styles of clothing and very comfortable. As for the type of slingback, I would recommend that you choose them according to the rest of the shoes you have in the closet. That is to say, if most of your shoes are conservative and in relatively classic colors (black, white, beige), I would recommend that you choose a slingback with a twist, but if you do not miss color in your shoe wardrobe, you should go for more conservative and classic color slingback , to suit most of your dress items.

2. Mules

I also wrote an extensive post about them, this shoes are very remind the slingback shoes, but they are completely open at the back, in the ankle area and without a strap. They can be flat or with a heel and like the slingback, they come in different colors and prints. If you are trying to maintain a classic clothing style or especially if you work in an office – this is the shoe for you. You do not need to wear high heels that will make your feet pain during the day, you can just lock some mules with a small heel and pull them out at any time you want, especially under the table. Like in the slingback case, I would recommend choosing the mules according to the wardrobe of your shoes. If for example you have a very noticeable color slingback, you may want to choose a quieter color of mules.

3. Metallic sandals

Each year has its sandals and for 2018 – we have the metal sandals. I would recommend sandals with a tie straps – the most boho chic. You can choose completely flat sandals or sandals with a slightly thicker soles, if that’s what you’re comfortable with.

4. Retro style sneakers

Remember the sneakers you had in sixth grade? It does not matter how old are you, each one had sneakers in this style during the elementary school years. So these are the shoes that made a crazy comeback in the recent years and continue this summer as well. Sneakers do not have to be only white and only for a specific shape. The sneakers I’m talking about have a more clumsy finish, and retro colors of the 80’s and 90’s.

And a little beyond…

Bold colors:

This whole summer belongs to the strong, bold colors, and it is also expressed in shoes. shoes that are in bold colors like red, blue or yellow will completely upgrade your outfit.


They also took over this season. Like the shoes in bold colors, they also upgrae every appearance and give an unexpected twist.

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