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Fall and winter 2018 top trends

Ok, they’re almost here. Are you as excited as I am?
I love fall and winter fashion. It is much easier to create beautiful and interesting costumes, because there is a significant addition of clothing items that can not be worn in spring and summer, such as jackets, blazers, scarves, hats, boots and more.
Like every year, there are different trends that dominate a certain season and this time I’m going to write about the trends that are going to dominate this fall coming and winter.
You can see that there are some trends that continue with us from the previous winter, which is a great thing.
Shall we start?

Animal Print (or leopard, leopard, leopard)

In the coming fall and winter the animal prints are going to dominate and appear everywhere. The main print is leopard and is going to appear in almost every item of clothing, whether it is a jacket, blazer, jeans, shirt or scarf. Another print is the zebra print and meanwhile I saw it on t-shirts and blazers. The last print is the snake print, which you can see mostly on ankle boots or subtle chiffon blouses.
A great way to incorporate this trend is through the accessories – a scarf in a leopard print or belt in a snake pattern.

Note – animal prints should not be exaggerated in one outfit. So do not wear a leopard coat with leopard boots and a snake print shirt. The animal print is the kind of print that once you exaggerate with them, it just looks really bad.

Examples from my closet:

Trousers: Asos, similar 1, similar 2 | Blouse: New Look, similar 1, similar 2 | Necklace: Aliexpress, similar 1similar 2 | Clear glasses: Aliexpress, similar 1, similar 2 | Mules: Aliexpress, similar

Jumper: Pimkie, similar 1, similar 2, similar 3similar 4| Long sleeve shirt: New Look, similar | Leopard trousers: Miss Selfridge, similar 1, similar 2 | Ankle boots: Zara, similar 1, similar 2 | Watch: similar 1, similar 2. similar 3 | Sunglasses: similar 1, similar 2

Faux fur coat (Faux of course)

Needless to say, but I feel I should emphasize it anyway. In fur, this means faux fur only. No one wants to wrap her body in an brutally murdered animal, it’s just disgusting, not contemporary and just… no. So when I talk about fur, I’m talking about faux fur only.

I think that this winter it’s just a duty to have a faux fur coat in your closet. I would buy a leopard fur coat or a delicate colored coat (light pink, beige or gray).
Aside from the fact that it is frantically warm, it also looks very chic and easily upgrades any outfit.

Example from my closet:

T shirt: Zara, similar 1, similar 2, similar 3 | Jeans: Pimkie, similar 1, similar 2, similar 3 | Leopard coat: Pimkie, similar 1, similar 2 | sunglasses: similar 1, similar 2 | Sneakers: Superdry, similar


Tweed is a kind of fabric that is made of thick yarns and its weaving is relatively rough, including the edges of the threading thread. I really like this style. In the coming winter this trend is going to arrive mainly in skirts and blazers, and in matching suits of skirt and jacket. Tweed give a lot of Chanel vibe, because they often use this fabric in many of their suits, so it gives a more luxurious look to your outfit.

When you buy a tweed item for the coming winter, it is worth checking the fabric closely and if you buy online, you want to zoom in the picture as much as possible. You do not want to buy a tweed suit that looks too cheap, in which case it’s better for you to just give up. How can you identify with the appearance of the clothing item is cheap or high quality? The fabric should be stiff and not light, it should not flap or be too thin. The weaving should be thick and relatively rough.

Example from my closet:

Tweed suit: similar 1, similar 2, | pink ankle boots: Public desire | hat: H&M, similar 1, similar 2 | Bag: similar 1, similar 2, similar 3 | Watch: similar 1, similar 2 | Sunglasses: Asos, similar 1, similar 2 | socks: H&M


The trend of check continues with us from the previous winter and comes in different forms. If we are usually used to seeing check in scarves, skirts and buttoned shirts, this year it is also going to star on trousers and coats. I recommends that you go for a coat with a check pattern and preferably a color that you have not dared to try until now (green or yellow).

Logo shirts

Logo Shirts This is a great way to spice up your outfit, but still keep it calm. This year we can see that the tradition of the logo t-shirts that used to come only as a white T-shirt with a black logo or sentence has been broken. This year you will be able to see logo shirts in different colors with different color prints. Usually the logo shirts come as short sleeved T-shirts. I did not get to see too many logo shirts with long sleeves, but you can still make short logo shirts work in autumn and winter. Try to combine them with a blazer or a jacket on top, add a scarf and you’re ready to go 🙂

My Recommendation When you buy a logo shirt, it is not to choose necessarily the logo you connect with. Try to choose logo shirts that the print and the colors will suit wth different clothes in your closet.

Example from my closet:

T shirt: Asos, similar 1, similar 2 | Skirt: Asos, similar 1, similar 2 | Jacket: Pimkie, similar 1, similar 2, similar 3 | Ankle boots: Forever 21, similar 1

Houndstooth pattern

This print continues with us from the previous winter and expands into more clothing except trousers, which was very common last winter. There is something very prestigious in this look, also a little reminiscent of the style of Chanel. This pattern blends perfectly with all colors and especially with more outstanding bold colors like red, yellow and pink.

Example from my closet:Trousers: H&M, similar 1, similar 2, similar 3 | Long sleeve shirt: New Look, similar | sunglasses: similar 1, similar 2 | earrings: Asos, similar 1, similar 2 | Ankle boots: Top Shop, similar 1, similar 2, similar 3


In the past, there was no such thing as putting a trousers without a belt, and over the years this belt thing was gone. Now it’s back again, with belts in different colors and prints, a different thickness and a different buckle. a snake print belt, for example, can upgrade any tailored pants you wear to the office, and a belt with a gold buckle will make your jeans and T-shirt from boring to the chic.

Statement earrings

If in the past we were used to wear statement earrings only for fancy events, then in the coming autumn and winter, statement earrings can be worn even when you go to work or just to a coffee with your girlfriends. What I really like about these earrings is that even if you’re wearing simple jeans and a white buttoned shirt, the moment you wear big gold earrings for example, it completely upgrades the entire performance without too much effort.

pointed ankle boots

These boots mainly made of leather look or patent leather and in different colors. I would recommend buying at least one pair in a color that fit most of your wardrobe (black or white). These boots fit nicely with straight trousers, skirts, and jeans. If you like the look of the ’60s and’ 70s, I would recommend buying pointed ankle boots with a slightly higher section than an ankle-cut and in bold color like red or yellow.

Bold colors

In addition to the usual colors of winter: black, brown and beige, in the coming autumn and winter you can dare a little more, because the bold colors are going to dominate and make our winter wardrobe less boring. The main colors are red, yellow, blue, purple and green. If you wonder how to incorporate these colors into your winter wardrobe, I would recommend walking mostly on knitwear of these colors, shoes and jackets or blazers.

Example from my closet:

skirt: similar 1, similar 2 | shirt: Ralph Lauren, similar | Jacket: Vero Moda, similar | Boots: Lost ink, similar 1, similar 2 | earrings: Asos, similar


Almost everywhere you can see suits for women in colors and prints and the coming winter brings a lot of them. These are mainly two-piece suits of pants and a blazer or a skirt and a blazer. I would recommend a tweed suit, or a suit in a color or print that you can combine with other items of clothing and not always feel obligated to wear both items together.

Example from my closet:

suit: Asos, similar 1, similar 2, similar 3, similar 4, similar 5 | Blouse: Unique 21, similar 1, similar 2 | Shoes: Asos, similar | Watch: similar 1, similar 2 | Sunglasses: Asos, similar 1, similar 2

A Little something for the end, from me to you:
As you can see, the coming autumn and winter bring us beautiful and cool trends. Don’t be afraid to use them! If you want to wear a leopard coat – wear it, no matter what others think. It is so fun to wear special things and enjoy different accessories, so just don’t hesitate and dress up whatever you like 🙂

I’d love to know which trend you like the most and if you have more ideas and trends – share your thoughts in the comments.

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