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How To Declutter Your Make Up Collection

I recently noticed that every time I access to my makeup drawers, I use the same products over and over again. It is important to note that I do not wear a lot of make up makeup: for a regular day I hardly put on makeup and only when I going out or have an event so I use more products. But because all my drawers are loaded with makeup and there is a mess, there is no time and desire to start piling through the piles to find suitable products to use, so I always find myself returning to the same blush and bronzer. And if I decide to try other products, I find out in real time, just when I have five minutes to be ready, that the lipstick shade really doesn’t suit me, or that the bronzer has ruined my whole make up look.

This time I decided that this is it, I have to go through all my makeup products and throw away what I don’t like, what I don’t use and leave only the things I really like. My goal was to get to the point where I open my makeup drawers and see everything I have, and any product in those drawers is a product I can use right away without any worry.

I’m sure some of you are feeling the same or are in the same situation and think it is time for you to do that too.

So how do you declutter your makeup?

Step 1: Make some time

Yes, this is going to take some time, of course, depending on the size of your makeup collection.It’s best to start and finish the same day to avoid any mess and situation where makeup products are scattered all over the room.

Step 2: Take everything out

Yes, everything. Each lipstick, powder, single eyeshadow, eyebrow pencil and blush you own. Sort all products by categories: pile of foundation, pile of blushes, bronzers, lipsticks, eyeshadows, etc. At this moment you will see the amount that has accumulated and realize there is no chance that you will be able to use all of these products before they expire.

Step 3: Start sorting out

Arrange the first stack in front of you and start going product by product. Each category has the questions that need to be asked.
There are a few questions that fit all categories:

♥ Do you like this product?
♥ When was the last time you used the product? If it’s not a daily use product, will you really use it for a special occasion?
♥ Is the product still ok? Does the product has expired? Does it have a bad smell, or has the formula changed?
♥ Do you have a similar product? For example, if you have two lipsticks in almost the same color, choose the one you like better.
♥ Does the product have any drawbacks? For example, after a few hours, there are some mascaras that give the appearance of black circles under the eyes, or lipsticks that after they are dry, some cracks appear on the lips after eating or drinking.

There are questions that fit certain products:

♥ Does the primer really do the work it needs to do?
♥ Is the cover level of the foundation right for what you need?
♥ Is the blush / bronzer / lipstick color suitable for your face color?
♥ Does the eyeshadow have a lot of fallout?
♥ Does the mascara leave lumps on the lashes?

If you’re still undecided, try imagining that now you have to put on some makeup to go somewhere. Will you use this product?

Step 4: The “no” pile

When you’ve finished sorting all your makeup products, decided what to keep and what to get rid of, sort your “no” pile into 2 categories: old, expired, broken, and no-good products – they will go in the bin, and new or slightly used products that just aren’t right for you, Or you don’t like them – you can give them to your family or friends or donate them.

Step 5: organize everything

I think it’s the most fun part. You’ve kept the makeup products you love the most and it’s time to organize everything back. Lightly clean all products and organize them in your drawers or dresser. There are lots of ways to organize makeup and lots of makeup organizers that can suit you.

what was my experience from this declutter?

When I removed all the makeup products from the drawers I was amazed by the large amount. For me, that’s too much. I went through product by product and asked myself all the questions I mentioned above. I was surprised to find that a lot of the products just didn’t fit my skin tone or I just didn’t like them. I discovered some products that I really liked and just forgot about.

These are the products I decided to declutter from my makeup collection:

Having arranged all the products back in the drawers, I can say that I finally see all the products I have and to get ready has become easier and more pleasant. No more pulling out products and then regretting because they are not good.
Have you also done a makeup declutter recently? If ou did, please tell in the comments 🙂

Watch the huge declutter videos:


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