Is It Too Late To Start A blog In 2020?

Many people think about starting a blog, but think it might be too late. Like many different social media platforms, there are things that have already passed their time.


Blogging today vs the past

In the past, blogging communities were simply a site that has many blogs in it and anyone can open a blog, like Blogger, Blog post, and more. People would go into the site and find your blog and start reading. The only way to reach your blog was through this same blogging platforms. On the one hand, it was much easier to attract readers, because people would go to a website full of blogs and from there to coming to your blog. You didn’t have to invest in advertising or promotion. On the other hand, and I’ll talk about that later, there were a lot of disadvantages to running a blog that is not really yours.

Today, most blogs are run on independent sites. You can still find people who write their blog within a blogging platforms, but the majority run independently. On the one hand, it is much more difficult to attract readers, because in order to reach your blog people have to enter your site, it does not appear on any major blogging platform. On the other hand, it is much easier than before, because in the past there used to be no Facebook, no Instagram. Today with the help of social media, it is much easier to reach more people. You just have to know how to do it right.

It is true that over the years more and more blogs have been created and the competition is more difficult. But still, I think even today everyone has their voice and everyone can have their audience. People will always want to read and always look for new things.

Are social networks a substitute for blogging?

When I first started blogging, it was 15 years ago when I was in eighth grade. I was looking for a place where I could share my feelings, share my day with other people and it was definitely a perfect solution. Then, my second blog was basically a serialized story. Over time, these two blogs have become the most read blogs in my country over a long period of several years.

In recent years, it has been created that we may not need a blog to share what is happening to us. Initially there was Facebook, a social media that gives us the stage to write posts anytime we want, with Facebook we can share our thoughts, share photos, videos and share it with friends and other followers. And then Instagram came along too, which made it a whole lot simpler. But still, if you think about it in depth, none of the social media that exist today really give you space to share all the knowledge you need to share and create some kind of special connection with your readers.

In both blogs platforms and social media networks, although what you write is yours, but think about it, that as far as everything seems safe now, what will happen to one of the social media platforms you write in tomorrow? It’s not really yours. You are still under the censorship of that platform – they can censor what you write. If someone doesn’t like what you’ve written and decides to report you, you can be blocked. And the list goes on. This is one of the big reasons I think it’s not too late to start a blog and no matter what social media network will come up, there is nothing that can be a replacement for a blog.

The fear that it will fail

In my previous post I talked about how to overcome the fears of starting a blog.  So yes, one of the fears is also the fear of failing and the fear that it won’t really work, because maybe it’s too late. So it’s not too late. People since ever  and even today will be looking for answers to their questions, will look for someone to identify with, will look for inspiration. Think for a moment, how many times did you type in Google a “pasta recipe”, or “how to orgnize the closet”, etc.? Google has given you a list of sites that answer your question. Some of them are great content sites and some of them are blogs. These are people sitting at home, cooked a great pasta and decided to share the recipe with you. How many times did you come into Pinterest looking for “winter outfits ideas”? How many times have you been looking for DIY tips for home designs? You came to many wonderful pins images that led you to blogs, led you to the people who took a pictures of what they wore to inspire you. I’m sure by now you’ve realized it’s not too late to start a blog. I think blogging is a big part of our lives, even if we’re not even Aware to that.


So it’s not too late to start a blog. Whatever the case, you will have to work harder than before to make your blog successful. You have to be different, you have to give that added value. You should give people a reason to return to your blog and not scrolling it for 2 minutes and forget about it. You will have to invest money, which in the past was no problem, beacuse blogging platforms are free, and you would have to work harder than you had to work if you started a blog in a blogging platform 10 years ago. You will have to promote the blog by yourself and bring the followers to you, they will not find you alone. Of course, it depends on what your goals are in starting a blog, and if it is something you want to succeed in, and want to have a lot of readers and make money from later on, you will have to be very consistent, because if you are not consistent, people will forget about you.

Even when it seems like everything has been said, that all the content you can think of already exists somewhere on the Internet – think again. Content is created every day, every hour and every minute. Whatever you have to contribute to the Internet, no one else can contribute. Whatever you have to say, no one else can say it.

Probably tonight, or tomorrow morning you will look for something online or type something on Pinterest to get some inspiration. Chances are, during your searches, you will reach someone’s blog. This is proof that it is not too late to start a blog, and I do not think it will be too late in the years to come.

If in the past in order to read a blog we had to get home from school or work and turn on the computer, today we can do this on the train on the way to work with the cell phone.
If not everyone had access to the Internet in the past, today more than 89% have access to the Internet. If blogs used to belong to teenagers and people in their 20s and 30s, today 80s and 90s people also go online every day.
It’s an industry that rolls billions of dollars a year. Still think it’s too late?

If you have the desire to start a blog and you think about it, just do it. You may be thinking now that it is too late to start a blog, but I assures you that you will still want to start a blog even a year from now and you will think the same thing, is it now too late?
I don’t think it’s ever too late to do something you want and something that makes you good. This basically sums up this whole subject.


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